Frequently Asked Questions About Taiwan for Travelers – Couples Travel Article

Frequently Asked Questions About Taiwan for Travelers One of the most important things we need to do when traveling is preparation. We need to be as prepared as possible especially if you are traveling in a country you’re not familiar with. Taiwan is just a small country compared to others, however, when going to some remote and distant places, Mandarin is a must for communication. But how about the weather, internet, mode of transportation, the rate, etc. These are just some…

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Taipei in Spring – Uncovering Eden – Travel Article

It has been drizzling all over Taipei the whole morning but we decided to still go out. I wear a blue hoody and put on a leather jacket over it. As I wait under our apartment’s canopy, I stretch my arm out and try catching a few drops on my palm. They burst out even before I get to fully clench my hands around them.We can no longer wait for the rain to stop, so we run a few blocks…

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