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Museums, Markets & Much More! – Travel Article

Here are the Top Things to Do in São Paulo BrazilThanks to its busy international airport, São Paulo is a popular entry point for visitors to Brazil. And yet, São Paulo sightseeing doesn’t make it onto many Brazil travel bucket lists.Everyone wants to see the famous beaches of Rio de Janiero and the spetacular waterfalls of Iguaçu, but São Paulo attractions are a bit of a mystery.As I booked my flight to the largest city in Brazil, I wondered, what…

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Canggu Restaurants with Great Options for Vegans and Healthy Eaters – Travel Article

Guest article by Chloe Press. ​The Best Canggu Restaurants for Vegan FoodWhen I packed my bags to travel around Asia, I was slightly apprehensive about whether or not I was going to be able to find vegan food to eat on my travels. And more importantly, good vegan food! As soon as I stepped foot in Canggu Bali, I realised I wouldn’t have a problem here. The streets are lined with ‘vegan’ signs. There is so much vegan food on offer…

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Minsk Restaurants that are Vegan Friendly – Travel Article

Minsk Restaurants that are Vegan FriendlyGuest article by Nick Leonard.Belarus is known as the last dictatorship in Europe. Its capital, Minsk, is full of Soviet relics, including an enormous statue of Lenin in the city’s largest square. But if this description gives you the impression that Minsk is a dull and joyless city – and a vegan wasteland – think again! Minsk is a vibrant and buzzing town.Although there are not many dedicated vegan and vegetarian Minsk restaurants, ethnic and mainstream…

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