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Save BIG on flights with hidden-city ticketing – Couples Travel Article

Save BIG on flights with hidden-city ticketing Airline pricing systems are pretty strange. Compared to other means of transport where tickets are priced by distance and class, airline tickets are often priced based on competition. This means that there are times that a ticket for a 5000 km journey is cheaper than one for a 500 km one. Carriers will often price their tickets based on how much exclusive ownership they have over a route and vice versa. Thus when…

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Lisbon tips from a local – Couples Travel Article

Lisbon tips from a local It has been over 2 years since I’ve been living in Lisbon. This period has coincided pretty well with Lisbon’s tourism boom and the good and bad that come with it. Although tourism has been a boon for the Portuguese economy in general, it has also brought some downsides with it. Today I want to share with you some insider tips for Lisbon and off the beaten path recommendations that you won’t find in guidebooks.…

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