Exploring a Hidden Mine in Norway’s Forest – Egelandsgrua – Bilivoka – Norway Travel Article

Exploring a Hidden Mine in Norway’s Forest – Egelandsgrua – Bilivoka Deep inside the forest of Southern Norway an alleged old mine is hiding among trees and green bushes. Obviously we had to go explore. Prepared for exploration we drove towards Vennesla, a small town north of Kristiansand in Norway. Although the mine, named Egelandsgrua, should be well hidden our research had found a forest track running very close by the mine with less than a kilometer to walk from…

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Entering Norway’s Hidden WWII Heavy Water Factory – Bilivoka – Norway Travel Article

A large piece of Norway’s war history was assumed lost forever, until it was re-discovered in 2017. We have entered the infamous cellar where the heavy water for Germany’s nuclear bombs was produced. It is the night to 28th of February 1943. In the small industrial town of Rjukan in Norway all is cold and quiet. But that is about to change. Eleven members of the Norwegian resistance movement are climbing the steep ice-covered cliffs towards the hydrogen factory located…

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Camino de Santiago Routes: How To Choose The Best For You – Travel Article

You have certainly heard the saying “all roads lead to Rome”.Same goes with the Camino de Santiago routes. Regardless of the starting point of the trail, every pilgrim route leads to the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral.So, which Camino route should you take?Before deciding, answer the following questions as precisely as possible. By the end of this post, you should know which Camino de Santiago route is the best for you.1. What Are The Most Popular Camino de Santiago Routes?Below are…

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