15 Interesting Facts about Chernobyl – Sweden Travel Article

15 Interesting Facts about Chernobyl Photo: lux3000/ShutterstockLast Updated: 11/20/2019What do you know about Chernobyl? Here are 15 interesting facts about Chernobyl that you probably didn’t know before reading this!It was Sweden who notified the world of the nuclear disasterOn the morning of 28 April 1986, the alarm started at Forsmark in Sweden due to abnormal levels of radiation. At first, the staff worried that some accident had happened at Forsmark, but after performing a scan, they realized that something had…

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The 17+ BEST Things to Do in Kiev, Ukraine – Travel Article

Ukraine, and its beautiful capital Kiev, are some of the most unique and amazing places to visit in Europe. When I first visited Ukraine in 2013 the country was in the midst of a national crisis on its Eastern border. Protests were still going on in Kiev well my girlfriend and I wandered around the tourist sites. The last time I was in Ukraine was 2017. They were notably more tourists and the infrastructure was visibly improved. The city, Ukraine’s…

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