Santa’s workshop at Heathrow Airport – Business Travel Article

Santa’s workshop at Heathrow Airport Stuck at The Airport is continuing coverage of Santa sightings at airports. We are also sharing updates on what airports are doing this year to make things merry. So today we bring you this update from London’s Heathrow Airport. To help parents with kids asking lots of questions about how Santa does what he does, Heathrow has installed “magical” periscopes in Terminals 2 and 5. The periscopes allow children (and adults) to check in on…

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Vietnam at Last | Retirednomad’s Blog – Retirement Travel Article

Vietnam at Last | Retirednomad’s Blog 6 Feb, 2014 exiting Saigon Day 3 in this country, and so far every experience has made me love this country more.  Especially now, here I am on a bus.  But it is like no other bus I’ve ever experienced.  Every “seat” is a bed – even though the bus departs at 10 a.m.!  The reclining bed comes with blanket – thank goodness, for that provides my lumbar support so I can sit up. …

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About Us | Mission & Values – Business Travel Article

About Us | Mission & Values Feedspot, an online content service provider, has once again named Teplis Travel to the “Top 40 Business Travel Blogs for Business Travelers”. We first appeared on the list in 2017 and currently rank at 24th, appearing higher than a number of other mega-agencies and professional news services to achieve this honorable recognition. With daily posts to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, Teplis collects and disseminates vital travel industry news for business travelers, corporate travel…

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Madrid Design Festival – Mooching around Spain – Spain Travel Article

Madrid Design Festival – Mooching around Spain Throughout February, Madrid is hosting a festival on all aspects of design with exhibitions and events taking place all over the city. The creative scene has always been lively in February with the Arco art fair and lots of other arty goings-on, so it is a logical step to broaden things out a bit. The dynamic cultural centre La Fábrica created the festival but lots of other places are involved. Helsinki is the…

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Nepal – Totally amazing even without the trekking – Retirement Travel Article

Nepal – Totally amazing even without the trekking If you’ve seen my Facebook postings, you know I’ve become totally sick of travel.  Have now been on the road nearly 6 months, and so ready to go home.  However, I’m locked into my Frequent Flier Miles return ticket, and that has me being in Nepal for 30 days. What could I do for 30 days?  My body with its finicky knees and back can only do so much “soft” trekking.  …

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Kayaking at the Ha Long Bay, Vietnam – Travel Tales from India and Abroad – Travel Article

I has the opportunity to go Kayaking a few times on my various trips. When I got a choice between going on a bamboo boat or kayaking at the Ha Long Bay in Vietnam, I picked the latter! However, in my group there were only three takers for the activity and I was without a partner. Neither my group members nor the activity in-charge thought I was a good candidate for kayaking alone! I was this close to ending up…

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Semana Santa – The most religious festival of Spain celebrated in Sevilla – Spain Travel Article

Semana Santa – The most religious festival of Spain celebrated in Sevilla Semana Santa meaning the”Holy Week” is celebrated for a whole week before Easter every year to pay tribute to the Passion (period of suffering before and during crucifixion) of Jesus Christ. It is a procession of ‘pasos’ (floats/tabloids weighing almost a metric ton which is 1000 kgs) which are carried on the necks of ‘costaleros’ (people under the pasos) non stop for as long as 14 hours. The…

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Profe Barbarita & Politics of Hate | – Cuba Travel Article

Profe Barbarita & Politics of Hate | Libertas Blog Living in Cuba no es fácil . La verdad. But when you are a kid, the problems that anguish your parents don’t even faze you. That is, if your parents were good at hiding those problems from you. And boy, were my parents good.Cuba has many problems. Food problems. Government problems. Se fue la luz y el agua problems. But more importantly, as any Cuban will tell you, we sometimes have…

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