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Ethical and thoughtful gifts for travellers – Couples Travel Article

Ethical and thoughtful gifts for travellers Easily find thoughtful gifts for travellers with this handy list of beautiful items they will love, whether they have limited baggage space or absolutely everything already. No matter what time of the year it is, February 14th, Christmas, a special anniversary, birthday or wedding is always just around the corner. So, from the ethically sourced to the practically obvious, check out the best thoughtful gifts for travellers and holiday-lovers… A Shore Thing Jewelry creates stunning…

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VALENTINE’S DAY 2019 GIFT LIST – Travel Article

Valentine’s Day for many couples is less the romantic holiday it is made out to be and more of a marketing gimmick pressuring us with false expectations some of us may never live up to. That said it is also the only day in the year when so many couples openly express their love for each other, something which is so important yet often forgotten once entrenched in our daily lives. This is the twisted but important reason why this…

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