Best Countries to See Wildlife in the World – Travel Article

Some of the most rewarding travel experiences are when nature and wildlife are involved.When we delve into nature, we find ourselves more connected to the world around us. We’re present in the moment and can admire the wonder of the animals, insects, plants, and trees that envelope us. Not many things in the world match the brilliance of a close encounter with a wild animal in its natural habitat.If that’s something you want to experience, check out this list of some of…

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Day Trip Along The Sunshine Coast In BC – Retirement Travel Article

Day Trip Along The Sunshine Coast In BC Twitter 0 Facebook 0 Pinterest8 A Great Day On The Sunshine Coast In BC There were so many great day trips to take when we visited the Vancouver area on a road trip around BC. It was an easy ferry ride to cross over from Horseshoe Bay and drive up along the Sunshine Coast in BC. There were small towns to stop in as we travelled north. And great water views along…

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All of the animals I spotted in Canada – Budapest Travel Article

All of the animals I spotted in Canada The life trip from North to the South America has been eye-opening in many ways. One of them was the mere realization that we inhibit this planet with animals. No, don’t call me stupid. Of course, I knew there are animals living on Earth with us. But, if you live in a metropolis, and make it occasionally to the nature, then meeting animals in their national habitat gets rare. You have a…

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