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6 of the Best Cities to Start Your Road Trip In – USA Travel Article

6 of the Best Cities to Start Your Road Trip In Love a city adventure? Yeah, us too. As well as some of the best National Parks in the world, North America is home to some of the most amazing cities you’ll set foot in. Think big sights, oodles of culture, nightlife for days and some serious photo ops. We’ve rounded up six of our favourite city destinations, and the best tours to take after exploring them! New YorkIf you’re new to…

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About Us | Mission & Values – Business Travel Article

About Us | Mission & Values Feedspot, an online content service provider, has once again named Teplis Travel to the “Top 40 Business Travel Blogs for Business Travelers”. We first appeared on the list in 2017 and currently rank at 24th, appearing higher than a number of other mega-agencies and professional news services to achieve this honorable recognition. With daily posts to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, Teplis collects and disseminates vital travel industry news for business travelers, corporate travel…

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Moving to Finland vs. Moving to Norway – Scandinavian Travel Article

Moving to Finland vs. Moving to Norway Don’t be fooled by the common assumption that Finnish is actually not so difficult and that you just have to hang an “i” on the English or German word (as in baari, banaani or alkoholi). The devil in person is responsible for these kinds of words!I am convinced that the conquest of the Finnish language requires, besides some madness, two essential things:1) the love for the Finnish language and2) Finnish SISU – this…

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Tokyo Daytripper: An Abandoned Mask Museum, A Tiger Bus, A Santa Shop & A Cheese Garden! – Tokyo Travel Article

Tokyo Daytripper: An Abandoned Mask Museum, A Tiger Bus, A Santa Shop & A Cheese Garden! The surrounding areas of Tokyo offer plenty of choice when it comes to day trips from the capital. Kanagawa, Chiba and Saitama all have great places within 60-90 minutes travelling distance and Ibaraki prefecture (particularly Tsukuba city) is actually just 45 minutes from Akihabara. What to do though when you feel you’ve covered much of what those prefectures offer? The answer is Tochigi. This…

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The Best Coworking Spaces and Coffee Shops in Denver – Couples Travel Article

The Best Coworking Spaces and Coffee Shops in Denver Read on a shortlist of the best coworking spaces and coffee shops in Denver, whether you’re based in Denver or just visiting.Denver continually ranks as one of the best cities in the US. It topped US News & Reports chart of the best cities in America in 2016. Located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, surrounded by fantastic nature, and offering many incredible career opportunities, it’s no surprise that Denver is…

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So much construction ! – Retirement Travel Article

So much construction ! I cannot wait to get away from the cities and get out west. Cannot believe all the road/interstate construction going on. From Gulport, Mississippi to Houston and beyond, we ran into major road repairs where the lanes shrank down so thin that I was sure I’m going to lose my mirrors any minute. Accident on I-10. We sat in one place for 1 hour and 45 minutes! Good thing we have an on-board bathroom. We thought…

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