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La belle vie — 4 French Riviera travel tips – Travel Article

The fragrant pines, golden sands and mellow Mediterranean waters of the French Riviera have proved magnetic for writers like F. Scott Fitzgerald and artists like Pablo Picasso for generations. Known by locals as the Cote d’Azur, this sublime strip stretches from uber-cool St. Tropez in the west to Menton near the Italian border in the east, and continues to trap film stars, culture vultures and traveling thrill seekers. Although the Riviera is unmistakably French, its modern reputation as a hub…

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On Your Radar: Taiwan | STA Travel Blog – Travel Article

If you thought the only things to come out of Taiwan were laptops, toys and bikes bearing the words ‘Made in Taiwan’, then think again. When 16th-century Portuguese sailors first came across Taiwan’s dramatic sea cliffs and white sand Pacific beaches, they named it Ilha Formosa, or ‘Beautiful Island’. This often overlooked island has jaw-dropping national parks, quiet surf beaches, hundreds of miles of hiking trails and round island bike tours, and some of the most hospitable people in the…

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Javaher Deh – walking in the village of clouds. » Discover World Places – Travel Article

Javaher Deh – walking in the village of clouds. A short story about a day trip to mystical Javeher Deh in Iran. Eternally covered in clouds, this dream-like destination breathes life, sparks imagination, and proves itself a lot more challenging than expected. Tips for a DIY journey included.  A humble wake-up Waking up to the calming sound of a distant river, and the vision of moving trees as a mild wind blows through their leaves. A crescent moon against a…

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‘GET A ROOM’… | The Motelorcycle Chronicles – Travel Article

And A Ride Too Motelorcycling is fun.  But to enjoy it, you need two things: a cool motel and a motorcycle.  You can find the cool roadside motels in the directory here on The Motelorcycle Chronicles.  And today I’m proud to tell you about a solution I’ve found for getting you the motorcycle too. Blue swallow, Motel, Route 66, Tucumcari, New Mexico, The Motelorcycle Chronicles is a living directory of cool, hip and fun roadside motels. I never wanted to write about travels to…

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Best places to eat in Poznan – Travel Article

We found the best places for you to eat in Poznan! Are you going to miss out? Poznan was the fifth city of Poland we visited and admittedly the ideal city for fun, walking to the parks, food and beer. Poznan’s inhabitants know how to spend time well and that’s why they are always with smiling faces. We gathered the best places to go and eat to Poznan. For romantic nights you can visit «Republika Róż» (Plac Kolegiacki 2a, 61-841)…

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Ho Thuy Tien: Vietnams Abandoned Water Park – Travel Article

Getting There To arrive, don’t approach on Thuy Tien road to the original, official entrance. There are guards here that will turn you away. Instead, take the unnamed street right before (or west) of Thuy Tien road and go all the way to the top of the hill. You’ll find a dirt plot of land and a man waiting on a scooter. He’ll turn you away and say the park is closed, but offer him 10,000 dong and he’ll let…

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Expat Series: Jersey Girl Gone Caribbean Part 1 – Travel Article

Four o clock am quickly turned into four thirty, then five am. I need to drag myself out of bed. Not having slept the night before, I was wide eyed with a pit in my stomach. It was a day unfamiliar to my routine of waking up early for work. It was the day my “new life” was about to start. I kept hearing, “good luck on your new life” the few days before. New life ? I didn’t want…

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IRCTC- Simplifying the Process of Online Booking – Travel Article

You would have heard that IRCTC has simplified the process of online booking in recent time. Do you know the reason for this? Well, if you are not aware of the reason then let us tell you that the reason for this is the fact that IRCTC recently launched a new website which is also known as IRCTC Next Generation Website. This website has a new user-friendly interface and we will now tell you the reasons why this new interface…

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Bioluminescent Kayaking – Adventures in Costa Rica’s Glowing Waters – Travel Article

There are a few moments in everyone’s life where they can’t believe what they’re experiencing. Our first-time bioluminescent kayaking was one of those moments. Words simply can’t express the feeling of floating on the ocean watching the water and sky literally light up around you. Bioluminescent kayaking is like paddling through an endless wave of stars. Blue and white swirls dance in the waters below, and the Milky Way shines down from above. It’s a once in a lifetime experience…

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Throwback 2017: The Year Gone By – Travel Article

Just Thinking Throwback 2017: The Year Gone By Year 2015 was a very modest year for me in terms of traveling and writing blog posts. Or so I feel today when I look back, realizing how much I have started to travel more and write more today. 2015 was simply 2 International Destinations namely Thailand and Sri Lanka and 5 Domestic Destinations including Pondicherry and Amritsar for the first time ever. Took 12 Flights and flew 12,915 Miles. When I ended 2015…

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Best Road Trips Around Pune During Monsoon – Travel Article

Monsoon is the best time of the year for road trips around Pune. The place looks fantastic especially when you take a drive along the western ghat region. If you see in the map of India, you will find Pune situated in the state of Maharashtra, but in and around there are a lot of places to explore. You will find beaches, lakes, and hill stations, all the three. I have been living in Pune for the past three years,…

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