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Our patience was rewarded! 19.2.2020 – Finland Travel Article

Our patience was rewarded! 19.2.2020 The night seemed perfectly clear, and KP levels higher than usual, so we head Aurora hunting with excited smiles on our faces. We caught the first bits of green light at our secret location on our way to our base camp. The sky kept showing our cameras the beautiful green light all night, but we wanted more – we wanted to see the colours, we wanted to see the Auroras dancing. Everyone started to feel…

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Nissin Grilled Chicken Instant Ramen – Tokyo Travel Article

Nissin Grilled Chicken Instant Ramen I was pretty excited to find this variant of Nissin Chikin (Chicken) Ramen at the Asian supermarket.  This Grilled Chicken instant ramen is actually not a soup noodle, but more of a yakisoba / fried noodle when it is done.  It was actually fairly hard to miss a black and white striped package of five instant noodle packs on the shelf, especially with bright yellow lettering.  These are like a summer item and I just…

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Things To Consider When Booking A Holiday | Passing Thru – Retirement Travel Article

Things To Consider When Booking A Holiday | Passing Thru (Last Updated On: February 17, 2020)Being able to travel around the world is a luxury, and whether you have a yearly holiday or it’s something you do on special occasions, it’s good to plan it carefully to ensure you get the most out of your trip away. The reason why is that not everyone can get the experience of seeing the world and therefore it’s a luxury to be able…

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5 must go to food spots in Oahu, Hawaii – USA Travel Article

5 must go to food spots in Oahu, Hawaii I recently went to Oahu, Hawaii for a friend’s 30th birthday and ate some of the best poke I’ve ever had in my life and some dank loco moco. The food scene in Hawaii is similar to what you’d experience with the locals themselves – relaxed and casual, but on point. It is also more affordable than eating in SF, though that may not be saying…

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About Us | Mission & Values – Business Travel Article

About Us | Mission & Values Working with a corporate travel agency for your business not only helps to fully manage your travel program effectively but adds value to your employees, upholds your requirement for duty of care and delivers savings through strategic negotiations on your behalf and access to a larger global network of airline, hotel and ground transportation discounts. Does one size fit all? Depending on the size and requirements of your company’s managed corporate travel program, you…

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Water Damage Restoration Worthington, WV

Water Damage, Storm Damage & Fire Damage Restoration Worthington, WV Damage Restoration Network of Worthington is a local restoration company that cleans up all types of Fire & Smoke Damage, Mold & Mildew Removal & Water Damage Restoration in Worthington. 24-Hour Emergency Restoration Service Faster to Any Size Disaster Worthington Locally Owned and Operated A Trusted Leader in the Restoration Industry Highly Trained Fire Restoration Technicians Water Damage Restoration in Worthington, WV There are several…

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20 Pictures of Minsk at night, overwhelming Stalinism – Finland Travel Blog – Best Places to Visit in Europe – Finland Travel Article

20 Pictures of Minsk at night, overwhelming Stalinism – Finland Travel Blog – Best Places to Visit in Europe Minsk surprised me. It felt different. Out of all USSR-reminding places, it looked most impressive. There is a massive amount of Stalinist architecture, it is perfectly clean and is almost free of ads. All these make it feel like a journey to a different era.In this post, I gathered my pictures of Minsk. They are mostly about architecture, because, in my…

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