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Sustainable Travel Starts in Sweden – Retirement Travel Article

Sustainable Travel Starts in Sweden In the woods in Sweden’s Östergötland County, thinking of tourism’s future.She had mentioned in her soft but serious voice that she wanted to talk. Finally, on our last evening together, six of us pulled our chairs close and leaned in over our dinner plates to hear what our guide wanted to say. I assumed she’d share details about her business. We were six visitors from four countries traveling in Sweden to attend the Adventure Travel…

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Travel Apps We Used All The Time – Retirement Travel Article

Travel Apps We Used All The Time Twitter 0 Facebook 0 Pinterest2 We Use Lots Of Travel Apps We wrote before about the travel apps we used. When it was time for an operating system upgrade on my phone, I deleted apps I was not using. I was surprised to see how few of the travel apps got deleted. Most apps we like just got better! We travel for almost 6 months a year, so we spend a lot of…

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Le Germain Hotel Toronto Maple Leaf Square – Retirement Travel Article

Le Germain Hotel Toronto Maple Leaf Square A Review Of Our Stay At Le Germain Hotel In Toronto Arriving by train into Toronto on our cross Canada rail journey, we couldn’t have chosen a better place to spend our time in the city. Le Germain Hotel Toronto Maple Leaf Square was absolutely perfect for our 3 night stay. A beautiful upper scale luxury boutique hotel in downtown Toronto. Le Germain Hotel Maple Leaf Square – Location The hotel’s location is…

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Travel Past 50’s 2019 Holiday Gift Guide – Retirement Travel Article

Travel Past 50’s 2019 Holiday Gift Guide If all your other gift ideas fail, you can always get a Christmas tree hat.OK, kids. It’s that time of year when most of the world is shopping for gifts. Gifts for family, gifts for friends, donations to causes, and perhaps a treat for yourself while you’re at it. My gift-giving philosophy, based on years of experience, goes something like this: First, if you buy something you yourself appreciate, it’s bound to have…

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Grateful – vs – Thankful – Retirement Travel Article

Grateful – vs – Thankful Grateful -vs- Thankful (2019) I wrote this little ditty nearly five years ago. It turns out that over the years this little grateful – vs – thankful tale attracts a great deal of traffic to our site, about this time, every year.  Which tells me I’m not alone in my thought process of trying to distinguish between the two. I thought I’d update it just a bit and republish it.  Abi and I have experienced an…

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Visiting the Big Bend Area of Texas – Retirement Travel Article

Visiting the Big Bend Area of Texas Our first view of Big Bend National Park. Who knew there were high mountains here?We didn’t really know what to expect from the Big Bend National Park area of south Texas. Honestly, all of Texas is sort of an enigma to us. We’ve visited Austin a few times. And I used to go to Dallas on business occasionally, but that’s about the extent of it. I never got out of the cities, really.…

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A Fun Off-Road Jeep Adventure In Moab – Retirement Travel Article

A Fun Off-Road Jeep Adventure In Moab Twitter 0 Facebook 0 Pinterest4 We Got More Than We Bargained For On Our Off-Road Jeep Adventure We did so many great day trips from Moab, Utah. This was our base to explore many of the Utah National Parks. The National Parks provided stunning scenery at every point. But our off-road jeep adventure in Moab satisfied our need for an adrenaline rush. We thought we booked a simple off-road trip along the sand…

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Is a Home Security System Important While Traveling? – Retirement Travel Article

Is a Home Security System Important While Traveling? Traveling means leaving your home unoccupied for some length of time. Whether you’re traveling for a long weekend or spending a month away, an unoccupied home can be tempting to opportunistic thieves. Can a home security system be beneficial when you travel? The Importance of a Deterrent Thieves look for houses where they won’t be disturbed or recorded. They might watch the same house for days, to make sure that nobody’s home.…

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Nepal – Totally amazing even without the trekking – Retirement Travel Article

Nepal – Totally amazing even without the trekking If you’ve seen my Facebook postings, you know I’ve become totally sick of travel.  Have now been on the road nearly 6 months, and so ready to go home.  However, I’m locked into my Frequent Flier Miles return ticket, and that has me being in Nepal for 30 days. What could I do for 30 days?  My body with its finicky knees and back can only do so much “soft” trekking.  …

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Smithsonian Air & Space: Udvar-Hazy Center – Retirement Travel Article

Smithsonian Air & Space: Udvar-Hazy Center Some things are just fun and fascinating to see.  It was with that mindset we visited the Smithsonian’s Udvar-Hazy Center.  Getting to see the Space Shuttle Discovery up close and personal was beyond fun and fascinating.  It was awesome.  And, it was a testament to man’s ingenuity and dedication. Space Shuttle Discovery. It is enormous! Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center Most visitors to Washington, DC are well-aware of the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum in…

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