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See Skofja Loka, Slovenia’s Best-Preserved Medieval Village – Retirement Travel Article

See Skofja Loka, Slovenia’s Best-Preserved Medieval Village The charmingly picturesque town of Skofja Loka, meaning Bishop’s Meadows, is considered to be the best-preserved medieval city in Slovenia. Located roughly halfway between Ljubljana and Lake Bled, this delightful town is certainly worth a visit.Skofja LokaA Little HistoryThe first written records of what was once the bustling market town of Skofja Loka date back to 1248. Although mentions of the town date as far back to 973!Škofja Loka gained its city rights…

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Strick’s Retirement: Missing entries – Retirement Travel Article

Strick’s Retirement: Missing entries Our last entry was waaaay back at Niagara Falls. Since then, we’ve traveled extensively through New England and down to Florida where we are currently wintering over until March.You can see from this map that the two large yellow circles are placed and sites we visited. Dunno…just stopped blogging.So many places in New England then, avoiding hurricane to get to Florida. I’ve been meaning to backtrack and do entries for each of those stops but never…

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What Does It Cost To Live In Zagreb, Croatia – Retirement Travel Article

What Does It Cost To Live In Zagreb, Croatia Zagreb City CenterCroatia is a gorgeous country and one of the best destinations to visit in Europe. Its capital city is the perfect example of Croatia’s beauty and one of the many reasons people come here. It’s particularly appealing to digital nomads who can work from anywhere in the world because it is much cheaper than other EU countries. But someone who’s lived there for years will tell you that it’s…

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Finally! Heading to Idaho – Retirement Travel Article

Finally! Heading to Idaho February 28, 2019 We were so excited to get on the road, we both woke up around 3:15….that’s AM ! After trying to go back to sleep, we decided to get up. We were due to get up at 4 anyway for an early start. …got last minute stuff packed away and all the outside doors closed and locked..quietly as possible. Started up the coach around 5 and left the park to hook up the truck…

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Le Germain Hotel Toronto Maple Leaf Square – Retirement Travel Article

Le Germain Hotel Toronto Maple Leaf Square A Review Of Our Stay At Le Germain Hotel In Toronto Arriving by train into Toronto on our cross Canada rail journey, we couldn’t have chosen a better place to spend our time in the city. Le Germain Hotel Toronto Maple Leaf Square was absolutely perfect for our 3 night stay. A beautiful upper scale luxury boutique hotel in downtown Toronto. Le Germain Hotel Maple Leaf Square – Location The hotel’s location is…

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What To Do In Skopje, Macedonia, The Capital of Kitsch – Retirement Travel Article

What To Do In Skopje, Macedonia, The Capital of Kitsch Skopje, Macedonia was a very last-minute getaway for us. As our lovely dog sitters Neil and Orla, were staying at our home for an extra week after we returned from Slovenia, we decided to sneak in another trip away. Well, my dog loves them and hey, never turn down an opportunity for an adventure.Alexander the Great with his MumSo after a quick search online for a short and inexpensive flight,…

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Is a Home Security System Important While Traveling? – Retirement Travel Article

Is a Home Security System Important While Traveling? Traveling means leaving your home unoccupied for some length of time. Whether you’re traveling for a long weekend or spending a month away, an unoccupied home can be tempting to opportunistic thieves. Can a home security system be beneficial when you travel? The Importance of a Deterrent Thieves look for houses where they won’t be disturbed or recorded. They might watch the same house for days, to make sure that nobody’s home.…

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Exploring The Venice Islands Is Easy! Here’s How To Do It! – Retirement Travel Article

Exploring The Venice Islands Is Easy! Here’s How To Do It! Unable to find a direct flight back to our current home in Malta after our week in Slovenia, we jumped in a shared taxi to nearby Italy. We had managed to find cheap flights home from Treviso Airport on Ryan Air. Now being so close to Venice, it would be silly not to spend at least a day there and see the Islands in Venice Lagoon, wouldn’t it?Both Jonathan…

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So much construction ! – Retirement Travel Article

So much construction ! I cannot wait to get away from the cities and get out west. Cannot believe all the road/interstate construction going on. From Gulport, Mississippi to Houston and beyond, we ran into major road repairs where the lanes shrank down so thin that I was sure I’m going to lose my mirrors any minute. Accident on I-10. We sat in one place for 1 hour and 45 minutes! Good thing we have an on-board bathroom. We thought…

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BEST WAYS FOR GETTING AROUND LONDON Getting Around London Getting around London is easy. This article will show you how and provide the traveler or tourist with easy ways and tips to navigate and getting around London. Even for those who find getting around London daunting or challenging. London is easy and these tips will help. Getting around London and navigating in a new location can be one of the most difficult and challenging tasks a tourist traveler has when…

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