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Why you need to escape Manhattan to truly see New York — all the ways you wander – Travel Article

Everything arrived together, which we love, and along with enormous pieces of crispy fried chicken and golden waffles, we just had to include Corn Bread, Mac & Cheese, Pork Belly Nuggets and Braised Collard Greens. It’s safe to say our first southern food experience was well-rounded! The Pork Belly Nuggets were the star of the show with Kimchi, Blueberry Balsamic Glaze and Pickled Watermelon. Although the buttermilk chicken was the perfect combination of crispy goodness and moist, tender chicken, our…

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Dr. Joe Dispenza Meditation Retreat – Couples Travel Article

Dr. Joe Dispenza Meditation Retreat After experiencing two of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s week-long meditation retreats, I wanted to share my thoughts and tips on what to expect and how to prepare! My introduction to Dr. Joe’s work began about two years ago — when one of my favorite transformational speakers, Kyle Cease, shared a video of Dr. Joe talking about why it’s so hard to change our habits. Dr. Joe’s scientific explanation about how the brain works and how our…

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Come Fly With Me – J Bird Runs – Budapest Travel Article

Come Fly With Me – J Bird Runs Happy Monday! I have been traveling quite a bit, some of which has been day trips. Sometimes I prefer that to staying overnight, because at least I get to sleep in my own bed. That usually means a really early and late flight, so I will use that as my rest day and shuffle the rest of the week around it. Monday 2/17: 2 mile warm up, 22 min tempo at 7…

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Visit Seville Fair – Typical Spanish Food at Feria de Abril ⋆ Piccavey – Spain Travel Article

Visit Seville Fair – Typical Spanish Food at Feria de Abril ⋆ Piccavey Perhaps the best time to visit Seville is for the Spring Fair. Each year in April, thousands of people visit the largest and most celebrated festival in Andalusia. The Seville Fair; or as the locals call it – Feria de Abril. It’s a great fiesta where people drink, eat, dance, socialise and experience this unique event.During this time you can visit Seville taking in the historical sites of the…

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