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Dr. Joe Dispenza Meditation Retreat – Couples Travel Article

Dr. Joe Dispenza Meditation Retreat After experiencing two of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s week-long meditation retreats, I wanted to share my thoughts and tips on what to expect and how to prepare! My introduction to Dr. Joe’s work began about two years ago — when one of my favorite transformational speakers, Kyle Cease, shared a video of Dr. Joe talking about why it’s so hard to change our habits. Dr. Joe’s scientific explanation about how the brain works and how our…

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Hulluntuuria. 21.02.2020 – Finland Travel Article

Hulluntuuria. 21.02.2020 We have this word ”hulluntuuri” in Finnish language. It means, you get unexpectedly lucky. That sums up tonight’s Aurora hunting pretty well. Tonight reminded us once again, that you should take the chance to see the Auroras, even on a cloudy night. The weather forecast looked quite depressing, and I sat outside, looking at an empty sky, waiting and waiting for hours – until, some weird cloud looking things appeared on the night sky. I was very unsure…

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What to do in Warsaw: The ultimate Warsaw travel guide – Travel Article

Hey there! Alexx here from Finding Alexx, I’m visiting a new country every week for a year with my route based off the cheapest flight each Tuesday. Crazy? Yes. Epic? Also yes. You can read more about my trip here, and week 4 took me to Warsaw, Poland. Here’s all you need to know about this incredible city, in  my full Warsaw travel guide! Known as Poland’s Phoenix City, because it rose from the ashes of World War II, Warsaw is…

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