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The Best Vineyard in Queretaro for a Romantic Getaway – Travel Article

This post contains affiliate links.With so many to choose from, it can be hard to nail down the best vineyard in Queretaro for a romantic getaway. But, I think the Maria y Bernardo Hotel and Vineyard deserve the top spot. Why?This tiny winery in Queretaro is family owned and has the most romantic bungalows onsite to spend a peaceful night on the property. WHen Dan and I were looking to splurge on a romantic weekend away for Valentine’s Day in Queretaro,…

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Madagascar, Aventure Awaits – Book Today With Check Travel Spot – Travel Article

Madagascar is still considered to be in its baby shoes in terms of tourism with their annual amount of tourists just touching 300 000.  Yet, this is a magnificent island with plenty to see and many great natural wonders to explore. Madagascar also has some brilliant beaches, although they are still very much underrated. It is definitely a must-go for the adventurous traveler who wants to avoid the masses. Madagascar climate Madagascar is a tropical island which suffers regular floods during…

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The TOMA & COE Fun Quiz on Spain With Answers • Toma & Coe – Spain Travel Article

The TOMA & COE Fun Quiz on Spain With Answers • Toma & Coe TOMA & COE recently discovered how much fun a trivia quiz can be when we joined forces with Annie B’s Spanish Kitchen to host a Zoom quiz about Spain. For those of you who were unable to attend but fancy creating your very own fun quiz on Spain, we’ve saved you the hard work of thinking up your own questions. Below you’ll find the quiz questions…

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