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A Guide To The National Parks In Spain – Spain Travel Article

A Guide To The National Parks In Spain Spain is home to many spectacular national parks, all of which with their own unique offering of flora and fauna. One of the best ways to disconnect from the stresses of everyday life is to get out into nature. Experience nature at its finest, rent a holiday home in Spain, see rare species in their natural habitat and unwind as you explore these tranquil locations. Picos de Europa National ParkThe Picos de Europa…

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Human by Nature- Vignettes from Beautiful Kerala – Travel Tales from India and Abroad – Travel Article

I am lucky, I have traveled to the beautiful state of Kerala many times. Nature shares its bounty in abundance and the effect is amplified by the beautiful people of Kerala. I have been lucky to see a bit of this world and today I share five unforgettable vignettes from my trips to Kerala! Beautiful People I was walking by the picturesque fishing nets at Fort Kochi when a fisherman asked me if I was an Indian living abroad! When…

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Sólo život v Číně, šílený host rodiny & můj skromný budget – Scandinavian Travel Article

Sólo život v Číně, šílený host rodiny & můj skromný budget Stále žiju. Co je v Číně nového? Jelikož už to je nějaký ten pátek, co jsem vás naposledy obohatila o nějaký ten svůj zážitek ze své host rodiny, přišel čas to napravit. Je opět středa. Den, během kterého samu sebe hýčkám kafíčkem v Costě, a to i přes to, že kafe tady vyjde skoro nastejno jako v Praze a já bych za tu cenu mohla mít dvoje výborný nudle.…

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Insider tip: Sri Lanka – – Sri Lanka Travel Article

Insider tip: Sri Lanka – Sigiriya (Lion’s Rock), a 200-metre high citadel nestled amidst the jungle. When researching where to go for my recent trip, my only criteria were: somewhere with adventure and somewhere intrepid. I’m a beach lover with a penchant for culture, wildlife and good food. Sri Lanka delivered on that and so much more. The curry, dahl and spiced rice are endless in Sri Lanka, especially in Unawatuna, a small village in the south. Here, we…

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Fiona Cairns Chocolate Beetroot Cake – Spain Travel Article

Fiona Cairns Chocolate Beetroot Cake Prepare yourself for a lot of chocolate. The oldest of my three girls is a self-diagnosed chocolate lover. As head baker, I indulge her because when is chocolate anything a bad idea? Focusing on one category as I have done with chocolate has made me somewhat of an expert. Self-proclaimed naturally. After 10 years of trying out chocolate recipes, I am at the point where I can imagine which ones would be worth it. This…

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How cheap is Vietnam – how much I spent in 4 weeks – Crazy sexy fun traveler – Travel Article

11 Mar2020 Many people think that Vietnam is really cheap. But after spending a month in Southern Vietnam visiting only 3 places I can say it’s more expensive than I thought. Of course it all depends on your way and style of traveling. You might ask now… How cheap is Vietnam? I am going to tell you exactly how much I spent in 4 weeks traveling around Southern Vietnam. In this article I am stating prices in euros. It’s easier…

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Playgrounds and Parks in Stockholm – Sweden Travel Article

Playgrounds and Parks in Stockholm Alexandra Beckwith rounds up some playgrounds and parks in Stockholm to explore with your kids. Photos by Lola A. Åkerström With a third of the city being green spaces, Stockholm is perfect to explore with children. There are grassy parks and plenty of playgrounds around every corner. Being a mother of two busy toddlers you will often find me, hot chocolate in hand, exploring the different playgrounds.  Over the last three years I have found a few…

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