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Denassus, Tapas & Wine, Poble Sec – Spain Travel Article

Denassus, Tapas & Wine, Poble Sec I am surprised that I have not heard of Denassus before stepping into it for lunch with my fellow Rack & Return WSET classmates. They all seem to know it. They know that it used to be restaurant Malamén.“Wasn’t this opened by those guys from Bar del Pla?” someone volunteers.Wait! What? How did I miss this? I am incredulous. I love this format! The type where enthusiasm carries the concept but the lot is…

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First footsteps in Canada – Toronto and the Niagara Falls – Budapest Travel Article

First footsteps in Canada – Toronto and the Niagara Falls Life trip – stage 1 – Canada: Toronto, Ontario The long awaited road trip from the North to the South of the American continent started. The first country to explore is Canada. My fans know that I have already visited the Maple Leaf country back in July 2014. It was for business, and I managed to see Toronto and Niagara Falls in Ontario. I also spent a week in Moncton,…

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The Motelorcycle Chronicles Motels and Motorcycle Travel, The New Roaring 20s – Travel Article

Welcome the glam. Welcome the style. Welcome the 2020s! It was 100 years ago that America welcomed in the roaring 20s. The Great War was over and people were thirsty for decadence and adventure. The 1920s ushered in a new era of motor tourists as Americans bought shiny new motor vehicles and took to travel the country.  While there is no record of the total amount of motorcycles sold in the 1920s, by the end of the decade Americans purchased…

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Attractive Places to Visit in Seoul with your Family – Sri Lanka Travel Article

Attractive Places to Visit in Seoul with your Family There are plenty of places to visit and sights to see when you are in Seoul. But when you are visiting with family sometimes you want a slow day where the children can play to their hearts’ content and the adults can sit back and relax. Time to head to a park. 1. Hangang ParkThe quintessential park experience in Korea is by the Han river. It has become very commercialized but…

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Tesalate sand-less beach towels?| GreekNomads – Travel Article

When we first saw Tesalate towels, we said is this for real? We live in Greece and guess what we have in our country. A lot of beaches and tons of sand! If this is real, we have solved a big problem. Coming home or our hotel room from the beach with all this sand on our towels. Have you ever had the same problem? Are Tesalate sand-free towels? So now comes the main question. Are they really what they…

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Hurtigruten Explorer Cruises – Norway Holidays, Tours & Voyages from Ireland – Norway Travel Article

Hurtigruten Explorer Cruises – Norway Holidays, Tours & Voyages from Ireland There is no single supplement on the following 2020 Explorer Voyages. Destinations include:Antarctica, Iceland, Alaska, Canada, Northwest Passage, North America, Central America, South America, the Caribbean, Norway and Svalbard. Voyages: Antarctica / South America / FalklandsDates: various dates to mid-March 2020 & 21 October 2020Duration: various – 13 up to 20 daysShips: various Voyage: Norway & Spitsbergen – the Sportsman’s RouteDate: 23 April 2020Duration: 14 daysShips: MS Spitsbergen Voyages: Norwegian…

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