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Fun Beach Activities to Enjoy in Helsinki – Finland Travel Article

Fun Beach Activities to Enjoy in Helsinki Credit: PixnioThere are several fun things you can try out in Helsinki, especially with the lockdown measures slowly easing up. With pleasant weather and ample sunshine, you can now take the necessary precautions and wander about outdoors to get in the fresh air and some exercise as well. We recommend trying out some fun beach activities that are safe provided you follow social distancing measures as well!Take a Dip or Frolic by the…

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Ytterjärna Kulturbygge – en oas nära Stockholm – Sweden Travel Article

Ytterjärna Kulturbygge – en oas nära Stockholm Kanske har du passerat Saltå Kvarns gula kvarn intill E4:an, kanske tryckt en mosbricka på macken, och kanske hört talas om de där antroposoferna i Järna. Men har du varit där? Sett det lavendelblå vasshuset nere vid havet, och smakat på en biodynamisk bulle i huset utan raka hörn? Jag är uppvuxen i den lilla byn Järna och har bott där största delen av mitt liv (17,8 år för att vara exakt). Här…

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Design Conversations at Pendi, Colombo – Travel Tales from India and Abroad – Travel Article

If someone would have said to me in January that Colombo would be my last international trip for a long time, I would have laughed! But here we all are, sitting at home more or less across the globe! Because Colombo is my last trip before the pandemic I hold it all the more close to my heart! I tried hard to write a normal post without all this; I just kept staring at a blank screen! Though let’s get…

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