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Réttir – Sheep Round Up Iceland – Scandinavian Travel Article

Réttir – Sheep Round Up Iceland The Icelandic sheep has always played a big role in the Icelandic life and culture. One could say that the sheep kept the Icelandic people alive for centuries, because the sheep was the main food in Iceland back in the days and people literally ate every single part it. They made smoked lamb from the thigh, slaughter (slátur) from the innards, they also made whey-pickled foods (súrmatur) from the meet and singed the sheep…

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Cost vs Service — Kitesurfing in Sri-Lanka – Sri Lanka Travel Article

Cost vs Service — Kitesurfing in Sri-Lanka A family or a local person who turns his living room / garden into a room makes a much smaller investment than a person who creates an area where basic needs ( Electricity and running water to name a few) are available and also employs a small team to provide those services to makes the guests’ stay as comfortable as possible. A family renting out their backyard room would not directly consider  things…

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Best Traditional Spanish Paella Recipe – Spain Travel Article

Best Traditional Spanish Paella Recipe Today David takes on the traditional Spanish paella recipe — paella Valenciana. While he doesn’t use rabbit or snails, the results are authentic and amazing!  Is there anything more Spanish than a good paella? At its best, traditional paella is the happiest thing you can do to rice. But the problem is: paella is rarely at its best. All too often, the paellas served across Spain are just bad copies of the real thing. They’ll blind you…

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