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Pictures from Budapest during the coronavirus! – Budapest Travel Article

Pictures from Budapest during the coronavirus! Hungary is in nationwide quarantine. People can go for a walk, but they need to keep a 2m distance to other people. They can go to work and they can purchase groceries and medicines. But, with most people staying inside all day, and no tourists in Budapest, the streets are almost empty.We visited some of the most popular tourist locations in Budapest to see what they look like during the coronavirus quarantine. Here you…

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Exploring the Bingling Caves • Travel with Mei and Kerstin – Couples Travel Article

Exploring the Bingling Caves • Travel with Mei and Kerstin  Leaving Xi‘an after only 3 days, we felt like betraying the capital of ancient China. When our guide Rocky waved us goodbye at the train station, I almost regretted not having extended our time in Xi’an for a few more days. But I reminded myself to not forget our goal. The purpose of this trip was to discover the Ancient Silk Road… About 630 km further west, we arrived in Lanzhou.…

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4 Stunning Cupcake Packaging Ideas to Delight Your Customer – Travel Article

Small bakeries may not have enough marketing budget, but they can still make their products stand out on the shelves by thinking out of the box. No matter how much scrumptious cupcakes you make, if some other brand’s cupcake boxes intrigue the consumers more, they will probably skip through yours. So you cannot afford to overlook the potential of your packaging as it is your silent salesperson. Let us find out four of the most creative cupcake packaging ideas that will help…

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