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5 Tourist Places In Italy For The Perfect Italian Experience – STUFF INFO – Travel Article

Italy, without doubts, is one of the most sought-after destination in Europe. Whether you’re traveling with your better-half, kids or your parents, this country will have a lot in store for you. Right from the stunning beaches to art masterpieces and a culinary affair that has inspired the world, you will be left stunned with all of that coming your way for a wonderful holiday in the foreign land. For someone creating the itinerary for a visit to Italy, it…

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Tokyo Consult: Tokyo Love Story – Tokyo Travel Article

Tokyo Consult: Tokyo Love Story Many travelers visit Tokyo for different reasons, for people who travel as couples, it is their romantic getaway. Historically Tokyo has been giving visitors the mere impressions of mixture of the past and the future, however, with some detail planning, visitors would soon discover that Tokyo as a city offers many romantic spots and activities. I have come up with some of the best recommended spots, activities and tours for couples who are seeking for…

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Group lunching right by the sea – Spain Travel Article

Group lunching right by the sea For me this place says holiday more than most beach restaurants in Barcelona. An oasis away from the busiest part of Barcelona´s beach & settled beneath the W Hotel you´ll find El Gallito Restaurant. (Photo by El Gallito)(Photo by El Gallito) Green vines cover the pergolas on the outside terrace which is moments from the sea and the colourful cushions and long chunky wooden tables make the perfect setting for a calm, delicious, group lunch…

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How to Apply For A Japan Multiple-Entry Tourist Visa with Your Philippines Passport – Couples Travel Article

How to Apply For A Japan Multiple-Entry Tourist Visa with Your Philippines Passport Dreaming of that Japan multiple-entry tourist visa? Know more about that here! This guide will help you with everything you might need. Applying for a Japan tourist visa has been smooth for Philippines Passport holders. The Japanese embassy made it easier for Filipinos to apply for a visa to boost tourism. And as a result, a lot of Filipinos now can travel to the Land of the…

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TOP 15 WILDLIFE NATIONAL PARKS IN SRI LANKA Yala National Park Sri Lanka Yala Park is the second biggest untamed wildlife national parks in sri lanka. The atmosphere here is semi-parched with tremendous dry forests and open patches of prairies and is partitioned into five squares. Jeep Safari visit through the untamed life Park will be a remarkable experience, alongside an odd possibility of being charged at by an adolescent bull elephant! Be that as it may, as one will…

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