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5 Tourist Places In Italy For The Perfect Italian Experience – STUFF INFO – Travel Article

Italy, without doubts, is one of the most sought-after destination in Europe. Whether you’re traveling with your better-half, kids or your parents, this country will have a lot in store for you. Right from the stunning beaches to art masterpieces and a culinary affair that has inspired the world, you will be left stunned with all of that coming your way for a wonderful holiday in the foreign land. For someone creating the itinerary for a visit to Italy, it…

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Authentic Bifana Recipe – A Classic Lisbon Sandwich – Spain Travel Article

Authentic Bifana Recipe – A Classic Lisbon Sandwich Today David jumps the border over to Portugal to bring us the recipe for one of my all-time favorite sandwiches, the humble Portuguese bifana.  In Lisbon, the bifana is king. Anthony Bourdain raved about it, and Lisboetas wouldn’t think of eating anything else as a tasty midnight snack. It might sound humble, but this simple sandwich of thinly-sliced marinated pork packs plenty of flavor!  Bifana: the humble king of Lisbon’s street food…

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Tokyo Consult: Tokyo Love Story – Tokyo Travel Article

Tokyo Consult: Tokyo Love Story Many travelers visit Tokyo for different reasons, for people who travel as couples, it is their romantic getaway. Historically Tokyo has been giving visitors the mere impressions of mixture of the past and the future, however, with some detail planning, visitors would soon discover that Tokyo as a city offers many romantic spots and activities. I have come up with some of the best recommended spots, activities and tours for couples who are seeking for…

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Why Allbirds Wool Runners Are My New Favourite Travel Shoes – Couples Travel Article

Why Allbirds Wool Runners Are My New Favourite Travel Shoes I don’t like wearing shoes. Where possible, I go barefoot or wear the minimal footwear possible—usually sandals or ballet flats. But Allbirds are the least shoe-like shoes I’ve ever worn. They are soft and snuggly, more like slippers than running shoes, but they look good enough for city exploring. Allbirds is a New Zealand company and what makes their eco-friendly shoes stand out is their use of merino wool. I…

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Northern Lights Trip. 13.02.2020 – Lapland Welcome in Finland – Finland Travel Article

Northern Lights Trip. 13.02.2020 – Lapland Welcome in Finland We went up the hill to get the best view into the North. As we arrived to the spot it started to snow, but we didn’t lose the faith in the Auroras. Together we had a good time around the camp fire, enjoying delicious BBQ and some Finnish traditions. Later in the evening the sky started to open up and we could see some stars. This was the good sign. The…

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