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Earning As a Digital Nomad: The Truth Behind the Lifestyle Misconceptions – Travel Article

The digital nomad lifestyle is one of the fastest-growing ways to earn income with no signs of slowing down. As more people get tech-savvy, they’re finding the lifestyle more and more appealing. Understandably so… if you are continuously seeing pictures of people laying on the beach and sipping a daiquiri, all while working on their laptop, AND making money while doing it, you would give the lifestyle second glance too! Unfortunately, the digital nomad lifestyle can be a little misleading…

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Réttir – Sheep Round Up Iceland – Scandinavian Travel Article

Réttir – Sheep Round Up Iceland The Icelandic sheep has always played a big role in the Icelandic life and culture. One could say that the sheep kept the Icelandic people alive for centuries, because the sheep was the main food in Iceland back in the days and people literally ate every single part it. They made smoked lamb from the thigh, slaughter (slátur) from the innards, they also made whey-pickled foods (súrmatur) from the meet and singed the sheep…

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Weekly Recap 3/30 – 4/5 – J Bird Runs – Budapest Travel Article

Weekly Recap 3/30 – 4/5 – J Bird Runs Happy Monday! Or as we have been saying, Groundhog’s day. Since every day is the same lol. Hope you are all staying safe and healthy. For me, running is feeling really good right now. I went throw a bit of a low point in not feeling great, but talked to my endocrinologist and he adjusted my thyroid medication. I have low thyroid, so every once in a while we need to…

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