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Best Traditional Spanish Paella Recipe – Spain Travel Article

Best Traditional Spanish Paella Recipe Today David takes on the traditional Spanish paella recipe — paella Valenciana. While he doesn’t use rabbit or snails, the results are authentic and amazing!  Is there anything more Spanish than a good paella? At its best, traditional paella is the happiest thing you can do to rice. But the problem is: paella is rarely at its best. All too often, the paellas served across Spain are just bad copies of the real thing. They’ll blind you…

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The One Meal You Have to Try in Japan… – Couples Travel Article

The One Meal You Have to Try in Japan… Few countries compare to the foodie scene you’ll find in Japan.In a country where delicious cuisine reigns and mind-blowing treats are found on practically every corner, it takes something pretty remarkable to beat out the competition.So, with all of that said, what is the one must-eat food you’ll definitely want to experience in Japan?Yakitori?Okonomiyaki?Ramen?Kushiage?Tako Tamago?Mochi?7-Eleven Strawberry Sandwiches?Without doubt, all of the aforementioned snacks are worth sinking your teeth into, but there’s…

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